Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Voter ID

As most people know by now, in order to vote in Pennsylvania on November 6th, voters are going to have to produce photo ID.  While this is being challenged in court, it is best to assume that the rule will be in effect and prepare accordingly.

LANta provides direct bus service to three of the four PennDOT photo ID sites in the Lehigh Valley:

  Easton Driver License Center
  25th Street Shopping Center
      2473 Nazareth Road
      Easton, PA 18045
      Routes 106 or 216

  Lehigh Valley Driver Center
  1710 Hoover Avenue 
  Allentown, PA 18109
This center is not directly served; the nearest stop is by the Target on the other side of Airport Road

Of course, LANtaVAN service is provided directly to ALL PennDOT photo ID locations.

Proof of birth, residency and a social security number is required by PennDOT in order to obtain an ID.  Click here for the PennDOT application that details the information that is necessary and the forms of proof of birth, residency and other materials that one must bring to the center.

If all information is in order, a photo ID can be obtained on the spot in one visit.  And best of all it is free, valid for 10 years and can be used for many other things besides voting. 

Every citizen has a right, and some say a duty, to vote.  Don't miss your chance to have a voice in this Fall's very important election.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Ticket and Pass Price Changes: 10-01-2012

Effective October 1, 2012, LANTA will be increasing several ticket and pass prices as shown in the table below.  The Authority reviewed this proposal at its Annual Public Hearing earlier this year and noted that this was a continuation of an effort and policy adopted by the Board several years ago, to bring average fare revenue up while minimizing per trip cost increased to passengers.

Note: this is a date change from the earlier announcement:  10/01/2012

NOTE: Cash fares and the day pass are staying the same.  AND, fares for LANtaVAN, door to door services are NOT changing.

Cash Fare
Student Fare
One Day Pass
10 Ride Ticket
31 Day Pass
Annual Pass

LANTA works hard to keep operating costs down so fare increases can be as low and as infrequent as possible.  Ticket and pass discounts over the years, because the Authority tended to raise fares moderately and built up a very 'deep discount' for tickets and passes.  Over time, ticket and pass discounts grew to be in excess of 60%.  That is much higher than industry standards and certainly is not matched by any of LANTA's peers.  Most transit agencies offer a modest discount on tickets and passes which are generally viewed as ways to make transit more convenient, not less expensive.

These heavy discounts led to the average fare per passenger collected to be extraordinarily low in comparison to other transit agencies.  And, while LANTA doesn't seek parity with other agencies, these are a reference and, with revenue from fares being such a significant matter in these austere times, the Authority simply could not responsibly continue to afford these discounts.

So, for the past several years, cash fare increases have been minimal while increases to ticket and pass prices, while still moderate, have been implemented annually to enhance revenue coming from passengers.

This year, cash fares and the very popular day pass are not being increased while the 10-ride, 31 day pass and the annual pass are being raised.

Public transit remains the best bargain in terms of commuting and traveling about the Lehigh Valley.  Compared to driving, well, there is no comparison.  Simply use this cost comparison calculator to measure your savings using the bus when compared to driving.