Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An Overview of Local Transit Services Vol 4 Issue 21 09/17/2012

       In August 2011 LANta changed the way bus routes were identified from a lettering system to a three-digit numbering system. This change, while initially confusing to some, was intended to make the system more user friendly. By designating the routes with three digit numbers, LANta was able to create route categories that provide the rider with an indication of the level of service provided by that route. 

Below is a description of the route categories: 

       100’s routes (i.e, 101,102, etc.) – These routes are the system’s “trunk” routes, the backbone of the system. They offer the highest level of service along corridors with the highest demand for public transportation in the Lehigh Valley. They will also act as the priority routes for future service enhancements as resources become available. The 100’s routes provide service Monday through Saturday throughout the day and into the evening hours, as well as during the day on Sunday. 

       200’s routes – (i.e. 209, 210, etc.) These routes serve urban corridors where there is less demand for public transportation than the trunk corroders. The 200’s routes provide service 13-hours a day, Monday through Saturday. 

       300’s routes – (i.e. 321, 322, 323) This series of routes provide service along more suburban corridors in the region where there is demand for public transportation, but the demand is limited. Service is provided Monday through Friday during day hours only. 

       400’s routes – (i.e. 410, 420, etc.) These routes operate during the school year only and provide added capacity to the LANtaBus system to meet the demand from Allentown School District students. 

       500’s routes – (501) These are the LANtaFlex routes. LANtaFlex is a flexible, reservation-based feeder service designed for more suburban areas. LANtaFlex was started as a pilot program in August 2011 in the Macungie-Alburtis area and has been successful to date.

       600’s routes - (i.e. 601, 602, etc.) – These are circulator and cross-town routes designed to address specific markets. Some of the specialty routes are the Route 602 - Whirlybird, which serves the shopping centers along MacArthur Road in Whitehall and the 601 - Bethlehem Loop which connects downtown Bethlehem with South Bethlehem destinations like ArtsQuest, NCC – Southside and the Sands Casino.